Life on the Floe Edge

Experience a destination that few ever have the chance to explore: the floe edge of Admiralty Inlet, at the north end of Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. Spring and summer are fleeting in this land of mountains and fiords, but during this brief window wondrous life abounds in the 24-hour sun. 

Travel by traditional qamutiq sleds to the edge of the Arctic Ocean sea ice in search of narwhal, the unicorn of the sea. Keep a watch out for nanook, the great white polar bear. Sample mukuk and other Inuit delicacies. Enjoy a cup of tea made from the chips of an iceberg. Take part in cultural traditions dating back hundreds of years.

Visit this breathtaking land of ice and light to immerse yourself in the best of arctic nature. Live an adventure you won’t need a souvenir to remember. Explore Arctic Bay and go beyond the north.