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Floe Edge

Experience a destination that few ever have the chance to explore: the floe edge of Admiralty Inlet, at the north end of Baffin Island in Canada’s arctic. Spring and summer are fleeting in this land of mountains and fiords, but during this brief window wondrous life abounds in the 24-hour sun.


Location: Admiralty Inlet

Length: 9 Days

Available Dates & Costs:

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  • Dates to be announced

Costs to do not include flights to and from Arctic Bay.


  • Dog sledding
  • Fishing trip with ski-doo
  • Birding and dinner on 4x4 



Day 1 Fly to Arctic Bay

Guests will be picked up by taxi or shuttle at the airport in Arctic Bay. On arrival, guests will be met and transferred to the ‘Tangmaaqvik Hotel’ or home stay for our overnight accommodation.

Day 2 Skidoo to the floe edge

After breakfast we will be picked up by our local guides and transferred by skidoo to a purpose built temporary camp by the Floe Edge. The journey will take around 4 hours and we will enjoy the stunning Arctic scenery en route. On arrival in camp, we will be allocated to heated tents and enjoy our first afternoon looking for arctic wildlife at the Floe Edge. There is a good chance of seeing Polar Bear and Narwhal at this time of the year.

Day 3 - 7 Five full days at the beautiful ‘Floe Edge’

Five full days at the beautiful ‘Floe Edge’; also known as the ‘Line of Life’. Although June is start of the Arctic summer, we will still expect day time temperatures only just about about freezing and dropping to around minus 3 at night; so our expedition camp is set up to provide a good level of comfort. despite its remote location. Each tent has a propane heater and proper ‘cot beds’ with bedding. We will have some food that is served in the Inuit community, such as maktaaq, seal meat and char. Then we also will have breakfast, enjoy bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, cereal, milk, juice, coffee, tea, etc. For lunch we serve soup, sandwiches, cheese, crackers, pickles. For dinner, assorted vegetables, salads, rice, potatoes, fish, steak, salmon, haddock, etc. The Floe Edge is about 4 hours from the hotel; so we have very good specialist Arctic exploration tents to sleep in; which are heated. We have a separate food tents and will be looked after by a local cook and his assistant.

The Floe Edge is truly remarkable experience, where each year over a small 3-4 week period, we have a chance to see some species which are normally found far in the Arctic Ocean. At this time of the year, we have the migration of both Walruses and Beluga Whales, so these are two of the species we will be looking for. Taking the lead from our local Inuit guides we follow the Floe Edge for days of discovery, possible narwhal watching and the chance to see a variety of sea birds, polar bears, seals and possibly beluga and bowhead whales. Since we will experience close to 24 hours of sun at this time of the year; there will be long full days looking to find and photograph animals perfectly adapted to survive in this challenging environment.

Day 8 Skidoo ride back to Arctic Bay

We will enjoy a final morning at the Floe Edge before enjoying a scenic skidoo ride back to Arctic Bay, where we will once again overnight at the ‘Tangmaaqvik Hotel’ or home stay.

Day 9 Leave Arctic Bay

Guests will be shuttled back to the airport to connect with their outbound international flights.

What's Included


Arctic Bay Adventure’s guides at 3:1 ratio, the guides are Inuit


6 nights of camping – 2 nights in Arctic Bay


Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

Expedition Equipment

  • Base camp: generators, bathroom for male and female, kitchen/group tents, cooking stoves, dishes, utensils
  • Sleeping tents, sleeping bags, cots

Safety Equipment

First aid, repair kits, satellite phones, inReach devices, and SIKU.

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