Guiding Principles

Arctic Bay Adventures dreams of a world where people from everywhere can enjoy the amazing beauty and special experiences of the Arctic, while helping the environment and creating good jobs for local communities.

Mission Statement

At Arctic Bay Adventures, our goal is to give our visitors amazing and eco-friendly adventures that show off the Arctic’s natural beauty and unique culture. We focus on helping the environment, creating jobs for local communities, and giving our guests great experiences, while making sure the Arctic stays beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Value Statement

  • Protecting Nature: We make sure to care for the environment and keep the Arctic beautiful for future generations.
  • Respecting Culture: We value and share the special customs and traditions of the Arctic people.
  • Supporting Local Jobs: We help create good jobs for people living in the Arctic, making their lives better.
  • Great Guest Experiences: We promise to provide fun and safe adventures for our visitors.
  • Always Improving: We keep looking for new and better ways to make our eco-tours more exciting and enjoyable.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. We promote other like-minded organizations.


Safer ice travels by utilizing technology tools developed by the Inuit.


Safety by utilizing tools and services within the SIKU mobile app and web platform. Ice safety and weather are two such examples.

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