Code of Conduct

The following is the Code of Conduct policies for Arctic Bay Adventures, guides, and clients.


1.1 To ensure that tourists who book a trip with Arctic Bay Adventures receive the best possible service
1.2 To maintain a good reputation
1.3 We need tourism growth in Arctic Bay and the development of tourism in Nunavut


2.1 The Code of Conduct that ABA has to offer to clients is that which was taken in training courses and programs that has been offered and taken in November and December of 2017.


3.1 Standard of service:

3.1.1 Guides shall maintain a high standard in serving the clients and management
3.1.2 Arctic Bay Adventures shall make every effort to ensure that accurate information is provided

3.2 Advertising:

3.2.1 No advertisement, document, statement, or other publication, whether in writing to otherwise, shall contain anything that is likely to mislead the public

3.3 Cancellations:

3.3.1 Go to policy and procedures on the website of Arctic Bay Adventures

3.4 Transactions and Correspondence:

3.4.1 Transactions with clients shall be treated confidential and client
information should not be shared without their prior consent


4.1 Arctic Bay Adventures shall give full service to the booking agencies they represent and shall conform to all lawful and reasonable instructions issued to them as contractors of the agency

4.2 Arctic Bay Adventures will always carry out contractual obligations in a professional manner and observe the rules, regulations and conditions of the booking agency

4.3 Arctic Bay Adventures shall endeavour to always adhere to good tactful and diplomatic behaviour in dealing with clients including booking agencies to provide the best experience possible

4.5 Whenever a complaint arises by a client which is channeled through the booking agent Arctic Bay Adventures should make every effort to resolve the dispute/ complaint quickly and satisfactorily


5.1 Arctic Bay Adventures shall treat the environment as precious and share resource that ought to be preserved for future generations

5.2 Arctic Bay Adventures shall understand that Nunavut maintains its perception to the world that it is a pristine environment and will recognize how important that perception is and will work to keep that perception active

5.3 Arctic Bay Adventures will leave tourism areas in a condition to be equally enjoyed by other tourism operators and their client

5.4 Arctic Bay Adventures will respect all local bylaws and leave heritage sites as they are so other members and guests can admire them as well; any violations to heritage sites should be reported to the appropriate parties as soon as possible


6.1 Arctic Bay Adventure’s shall familiarize themselves and their staff with the provisions of this Code

6.2 Arctic Bay Adventure’s shall observe the letter but also the intent of this Code to provide excellent customer service and a positive experience to tourists in Nunavut regardless of the capacity in which the member operates

6.3 Arctic Bay Adventure’s will not make exaggerated, misleading or untruthful statements to the public concerning issues that affect the tourism industry

6.4 Arctic Bay Adventure’s will conduct his/her/their business so as to reflect favourably on the tourism industry in Nunavut

6.5 The understanding and promotion of the ethical values common to Nunavut, with an attitude of tolerance and respect for the diversity of religious, philosophical and moral belief are both the foundation and the consequence of a responsible tourism industry; stakeholder in tourism development and tourists themselves should observe the social and cultural traditions and practices of all peoples

6.6 Tourism activities should be conducted in harmony with the attributes and traditions of the host communities or regions and members will always respect their laws, practices and customs

6.7 Arctic Bay Adventure’s is asked to assist Government and Nunavut Tourism in the collection of tourism-related data to assist in planning and marketing

6.8 Safety kits and satellite phones provided

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